1 Year of Content Ideas for your feed posts.

Save time and do not miss one day of posting just because you are running out of ideas.

Content calendar

Are you any of these?

Then this Content Plan is for you!

What's included?

365 Feed Ideas

This content calendar is created with the objective of converting your audience into your customers. You will be showing your expertise, your knowledge and promote your product/services like a PRO with a variety of content from Single posts, carousels, reels and Live IG. You will be able to educate them, inform them, inspire and connect with them as well as engage with them so they can buy from you.

365 Headline Hook Ideas

When you meet someone for the first time what do you notice first? That's how the headline works too. That is the first thing people see and make a decision if they want to engage with your content or not. The executed content plan has been designed the hook headlines so they can grab other's attention immediately and spend time on your posts. A killer headline hook with a quality and valuable content will make you stand out from the rest.

365 Story Ideas

Did you know that most of the sales happen in stories? Does that happen to you when a small number of people engage with your feed post, but then you see your story viewers are 10x higher? That is the opportunity a lot of people miss out on. Here you will find stories that your audience will engage with, trust you more, and starts to buy your products/ services.


  • The formula on how to target your customer
  • Call To Action Ideas
  • Caption cheatsheet formula

Who is this for?

This is for Solopreneurs who are wearing many hats, and do not have the time to keep creating content and grow their account.

This is for anyone with a 9-5 job that has very little time to keep consistent with their content.

This is for anyone and any business who wants to attract the right audience, and make more sales but just don’t know how to.

Hi, I am Frida.

I am a solopreneur who has been in your shoes before. With a full time job, and a strong desire to have my own business I was hitting the wall trying to come up with content ideas, maintaining my job, and creating content for my clients.

Even though I was creating content I was not attracting the ideal customer until I realized why...

Fast forward I now help business owners grow online and sell their products/ services through personalized content and organic reach.

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